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Efficient Linux at the Command Line

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Efficient Linux at the Command Line (Early Release) by Daniel J. Barrett
English  2021

Want to increase your Linux productivity to get more done in less time? This practical book teaches you how to be quick and efficient at the Linux command line. You’ll learn to create and run complex commands that solve real business problems, organize your files for quick access, efficiently process and retrieve information, and automate manual tasks. You’ll truly understand what happens behind the shell prompt.

Efficient Linux at the Command Line teaches general best practices and the concepts behind them, so no matter which Linux tools you use, you can become more effective in your daily work and more competitive in the job market.

You’ll learn:

How to invent powerful Linux commands on the fly that get your work done quickly
Which Linux features are handled by commands and which are built into the shell that launches those commands–and why it matters
A dozen different ways to run commands, including pipelines, subshells, command substitution, process substitution, and more–and when to use each for best advantage

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