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Alteryx Designer: The Definitive Guide

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Alteryx Designer: The Definitive Guide by Joshua Burkhow
English 2021

Analytics projects are frequently long-drawn-out affairs, requiring multiple teams and skills to clean, join, and eventually turn data into analysis for timely decision-making. Alteryx Designer changes all of that. With this low-code, self-service, drag-and-drop workflow platform, new and experienced data and business analysts can deliver results in hours instead of weeks.

This practical book shows you how to master all areas of Alteryx Designer quickly. Author and Alteryx ACE Joshua Burkhow starts with the basics of building a workflow, then introduces more than 200 tools for working with intermediate and advanced analytics functionality. With Alteryx Designer’s all-in-one toolkit, you’ll migrate from legacy analytics software or Excel with ease.

Ready to work with data quickly and efficiently? This guide gets you started.

Learn the fundamentals of cleaning, prepping, and analyzing data with Alteryx Designer
Install, navigate, and quickly become competent with the Alteryx Designer layout and functionality
Construct accurate, performant, reliable, and well-documented workflows that automate business processes
Learn intermediate techniques using spatial analytics, reporting, and in-database tools
Dive into advanced Alteryx capabilities, including predictive and machine learning tools
Get introduced to the entire Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform

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