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Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide and Cookbook

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Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide and Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Fasting Strategies with 50+ Satisfying Recipes and 4 Flexible Meal Plans: 16: 8, OMAD, 5: 2, Alternate-day, and More by Becky Gillaspy

You don’t need to obsess over what foods you eat and track your daily calories—fasting is a more effective and more sustainable diet, and it’s easier than you think!

Intermittent fasting is the solution to dropping pounds and boosting your overall health, and it won’t leave you feeling hungry. By restricting the window of time in which you eat food, for example only eating two meals per day within an 8-hour time period, you are well on your way to a more healthy, adaptable body.

Intermittent fasting aids weight loss, and is a key therapeutic tool for a variety of hormone- and health-related concerns. (1) Decrease insulin resistance (2) Reduce inflammation (3) Improve cardiovascular health (4) Prevent cancer (5) Protect the brain from disease (6) Extend lifespan

You’ve heard of the concept, but you’re not sure where to start. In Part 1, this visual, comprehensive guide will help you to identify your goals and select one of various fasting programs. Choose from several eating patterns: the 16/8 method; the Warrior Diet; the 5:2 diet; and alternate day fasts. Learn the answers to all of your questions, like “Can I drink water and coffee while fasting?”

In Part 2, meal plans and recipes will aid your fasting diet. Meal plans are developed so that food leaves you satisfied for hours or even days. With lower carb, higher fat, and moderate protein, recipes offer you the key nutrition you need to make your fasts productive and sustainable.

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